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Monitoring the State

Wassim Maktabi,
Sami Zoughaib,
Sami Atallah,
Najib Zoghaib

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Wassim Maktabi, Sami Zoughaib, Sami Atallah, and Najib Zoghaib provide a nuanced analysis of governance and reform in Lebanon amidst its ongoing crisis. This in-depth report not only investigates the Lebanese state’s failure to implement promised reforms but also explores the actions it has taken. The analysis focuses on legislative output across various policy domains and administrative processes. The findings reveal significant legislative failures and a disconnect in priorities between Lebanon’s political leaders and its citizens, compounded by narrow political and financial interests that hinder development-focused policymaking.

This report has been produced as part of The Policy Initiative’s collaboration with UNICEF under a joint project entitled “Analyzing and Advocating for Critical Policies and Reforms”, to promote independent research and policy advocacy. UNICEF does not endorse the viewpoints/analysis/opinions expressed by the authors. The report is designed by Hind Khaled. 

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